Vad är Tegelkronaserien?

Svar: Tre böcker skrivna av Kaj Bernhard Genell. Kaj Bernh. Genell är en svensk författare, född 1944 i Göteborg. Han har studerat på universitetet där under ett tiotal år. Han bor i Göteborg.
Kaj Bernhard Genell


Kaj Bernh. Genell
was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1944, as the son of a Kofferdist Captain.After an adventurous youth he became interested in philosophy and, in 1983, published a small book exclusively on Irony - “Ironi och existens.” A Swedish classic, almost. ;) Soon hereafter, Genell, who had a great interest in one of the creators of Modernism, Franz Kafka, wrote a series of papers at the University of Gothenburg related to Kafka. This would later result in “Kafka och det Kafkaeska” (2018), an essay in Swedish on the Literary Technique of Kafka, later also published in English as “Kafka” (2021). As a fiction writer Genell started out with several books in the Swedish language, such as “Pistolen”, “Tavelstölden”, “Tegelkrona och skönheten”, ”Höstdrama” and “Skjuta sig fri”( 2022) - all on BooksOnDemand (BoD). Under the pseudo “Bill Clactoe,” his first novel in English appeared in 2021,” Fell´s Point,” a small crime story set in Baltimore, USA. With “The Lion´s Disease,” Genell has created a psychological and philosophical comment on pandemics by describing an odyssey to Indonesia on a Bulk Cargo Carrier.---

In 2022, in December, after having recieved a large scolarship from Sveriges Författarfond, G published two more books, now on Amazon, "Med koffert och paraply", om Franz Kafka, aas well as a collection of short stories, a very small one, called "Noveller".